Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Obesity and Diabetes?

Many of you know that I, and naturopaths in general, have been saying for years that artificial sweeteners confuse the insulin system and the body treats them the same way as sugar, we reckon.  Certainly, I have never recommended them in cases of diabetes or for weight loss. I have recommended certain ones like xylitol from birch in cases of candida where the xylitol can be used as a sugar substitute as it doesn’t feed candida.

Here today is a study published in Nature that suggests that the sweeteners may indeed be confusing the glucose tolerance system. Lot more research to prove it yet, but…

You can read the Nature abstract here:

Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota

or a Guardian story about it here:

Artificial sweeteners may promote diabetes, claim scientists

Read more about the different types of sweetener here on Diabetes UK’s site – who may need to look at their recommendation of sweeteners again before too long then.

Iodoral Out Of Stock – Use This Instead

Just a quick note for those of you using Iodoral supplements after a positive Iodine Loading test result for thyroid treatment. I have been advised that there are changes afoot at the company that makes Iodoral and it is therefore out of stock everywhere currently. No-one seems to know when it will be back in stock in the UK. Meantime, Biotics Iodizyme-HP is the same – the dosage given on the label is for half a tablet but a whole tablet equals exactly the levels in Optimax’s Iodoral and from what I can see, the excipient ingredients are exactly the same too.

You can get the Biotics one from the normal suppliers including ND here.

Hope that helps.

Are Double Mastectomies Helping?

Not according to a recent study:

More women having double mastectomy—but it’s not saving lives

The greatest increase is in women under the age of 40, which has seen a 17.6 per cent rise in the rate of double mastectomies each year from 1998 to 2011.  The increase is only slightly lower among older women, among whom there has been a 14.3 per cent increase each year over the same period.  In 1998, just 2 per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer had a double mastectomy, but this has risen to 12.3 per cent of women by 2011.

The procedure isn’t saving lives, say researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine. The women are no more likely to survive than those who chose instead the more conservative approach of radiotherapy and breast-conserving surgery.

(Source: JAMA, 2014; 312(9): 902) WDDTY Enews Sep 14

Updates: Allergy 101 and Gluten Plan

Yep, I have been a busy bee! Just to let you know I have updated the following for you:

Allergy 101

This is now a 45 page free factsheet all about allergy testing and treatment. I get asked about allergy testing every single day and always direct people to this free factsheet first. So, I had to bring it up to date to take account of new tests available, clinical experience, research etc! I have updated the allergy tests too on the shop so we now also include LRA, ALCAT, Genova and others. In it, you can learn:

  • What symptoms and conditions could be allergy or intolerance related
  • What causes allergy and intolerance
  • My whole testing protocol for finding types 1, 2, 3 and 4 sensitivities to foods, inhalants etc (that’s classical IgE allergy, delayed intolerances and inflammatory reactions to you and me)
  • What other factors could be causing problems eg. malabsorption, infections, poor immunity, leaky gut etc and how to find them
  • Two suggested treatment plans for ‘simple’ and multiple food intolerance.

You can download it here. Please pass it on for anyone who needs it too.


Gluten Plan

Updated Barrier Healing section and Core Protocol to take account of Permavite no longer being TGF safe. Phew – I wish they’d stop changing the ruddy products! Free update on the Facebook Gluten Planners Group as usual. If you haven’t got the Gluten Plan yet, why not?! Here it is. Trust me; it will help with anything to do with leaky gut, inflammation, malabsorption, allergy & intolerance and autoimmunity; it’s just that saying ‘Gluten Plan’ is somewhat quicker! Eventually, I will pull out the various sections as separate factsheets but the GP is already turning into a bit of a ‘chronic health problem’ go-to!

Hope they help for you.

Weight Loss Volunteers Needed

Do you live in Cheltenham, Kings Lynn, Sale or Sligo? Do you have at least 10lb to lose? Have you felt fatigued for at least a year? Can you attend a weekly class for 4 weeks?

If so, your luck is in. Patrick Holford is looking for volunteers to take part in a Zest For Life programme for free! You know I rate Patrick’s diets as they are low GL, lowish carb, highish protein, much the same as my Belly Fat Plan in the 4 Step Weight Loss Programme I invented. Go for it if you are nearby, and good luck!

Here’s the info…


Zest4life are looking for volunteers to attend a FREE 4 WEEK TRIAL to lose weight and improve energy.
You will be following my low GL weight loss programme and will receive motivational weight loss coaching. The results will be used as part of an international study on weight loss, energy improvement and motivation.

In order to qualify for this trial you will need to:

  • Have a minimum of 10 lbs excess weight to lose
    • Have an interest in improving nutrition to benefit health
    • Have experienced significantly reduced energy levels for at least one year
    • Be prepared to commit to attending a 4 week group programme consisting of one session per week
The FREE zest4life 4 week trial for health and weight loss is running in August/September/October in the following locations:-
ENGLAND – Cheltenham, Kings Lynn and Sale, nr Manchester.

EIRE – Sligo

If you, or anyone you know, would like to apply, please email zest4life now at:

A Day In The Life of a Food Intolerant

One of our very own TrulyGlutenFree family members (and a prolific, well-known author to boot; we move in exalted company, y’know) has written a lovely piece on living with food issues, which many of you will no doubt emphathise with.

Have a read:

Living with food sensitivities – by Anna Jacobs

Actually, it reminded me of a rather tongue in cheek piece I wrote for FoodsMatter back in 2009, would you believe. Although, for some reason it is by-lined by Nikki! Was me, promise.

Diary of a Food Intolerant

I was hoping it might become a regular humorous column as that’s my natural style of writing. You have NO idea how much I have to suppress myself on here ;)

Enjoy anyway.

Histamine and DAO Tests Upgrade

Just a quickie to let you know that I have now managed to get one lab to do both whole blood/urine histamine and DAO (diamine oxidase) levels which will make life easier for those tracking their histamine intolerance.

We have been using Biolab for some time now for the body levels of histamine and they have recently upgraded their methodology along new research lines apparently, consequently the price has gone up. Still, I would rather we had the most efficient tests with viable results than tests that don’t help, wouldn’t you? Actually, they went up months ago and I held them down for you, but needs must now as both have gone up.

They have also started offering the diamine oxidase test so, actually, when I priced both up, it wasn’t that far off my price would be using two different labs. So, I have decided to do both tests through Biolab now. If for some reason you still want your DAO tests done by BTS, our previous lab for this, that’s fine; just ask. I really want to stay with BTS but it is simply more practical to have one lab sending your test kits out and for you to have to send them back to one lab so practicality wins out.  I have combined the two tests into a discounted Histamine Intolerance Test here for you to make life easier and that bit cheaper, too, so hope that helps.

For more info on histamine intolerance generally, do read the article I wrote here: Could It Be Histamine?

With body histamine testing, you can now do either blood or urine; both are just as viable and urine is easier, of course :). DAO is still blood.

Hope that helps.