Told Ya So…

I was only saying to P this morning how much of what I was taught many moons ago as a naturopathic nutritionist is now becoming quite mainstream, despite the condemnation and ridiculing most of us put up with for our beliefs over the years. I try to be magnanimous about it and just be grateful the message is getting through and science is finally catching up, at least in some areas.

Anyway, I was pleased to see a couple of things today that back me up on this.

First, France has gone even further in its condemnation of electromagnetic radiation, after banning WiFi from nursery and some primary schools; this time, it has declared ES (Electrosensitivity) a medical handicap following a landmark case! Michelle at, herself a sufferer – as you can see from the pic of her nattily wrapped in protective silver netting – writes about that here:

Electrosensitivity update – EHS recognised as a handicap in France!

Second, mainstream doctors and charities are finally waking up the plastics issue, not least the problem of cling film in microwaves, one of my pet hates! I even cringe at Tupperware storage boxes myself and note those are mentioned too in an article by the Mail on Sunday:

Don’t Be So Clingy

The header points say it all:

  • For decades, holistic health gurus have warned of toxic impact of plastic
  • Previously dismissed, now it seems paranoia might have been justified
  • New evidence suggests heat makes chemicals in plastic storage boxes and bottles leach into food and drink
  • Has been linked to cancers, fertility and foetal development

Like one of the experts quoted, I only ever heat food up in glass, ceramic or enamel. In fact, I treated myself ages ago to a set of Falcon enamelware baking trays and prep set and several sizes of Pyrex dishes with lids for storage, cooking, freezing etc; not cheap, but one of the best purchases I’ve ever made as I use them constantly! I’ve since thrown pretty much everything else out so my cupboards are much tidier too: bonus!

Tip: make sure you get the real McCoy with these purchases if doing that; there are a lot of fakes out there and I fell foul of some ‘Pyrex’ round lidded dishes which were much thinner glass and broke easily, whereas my real ones are sturdy as heck.

I look forward to more of the long-standing naturopathic medical tenets being recognised and becoming more and more mainstream in the future. I wonder if we’ll ever get to certain symptoms like fevers, rashes etc being seen as the body’s detox and healing system at work and to mainstream health professionals encouraging the body’s healing system rather than suppressing it? I won’t hold my breath..

DAO Histamine Intolerance Products: Is ARG Stronger or Not?

A few months ago, Allergy Research Group released a welcome new DAO enzyme product for helping people with histamine intolerance.

(If you don’t know about histamine intolerance and what I am talking about, do read my article Could It Be Histamine?

The product caused much confusion (with me and a few of you anyway!) because of the dosage differences with other more established products.

DAO Histaminase™ With Bioflavonoids 60 Capsules

Anyway, the label shows it has 41mg of Diamine Oxidase in it. This sounded very strong as the one I usually recommend is Sciotec’s DAOSin, which contains 4.2mg per capsule:

DAOSiN can 90 capsules

This seemed very odd, so I thought I would look into it. Several months later (!), I have finally got to the bottom of it. It’s all in the way they say it on the label apparently. Here’s my conversation for you (or one of the many..)..

In effect, two ARG capsules equals 1 Sciotec! Got there with my nagging in the end!

If you open the capsules there are little beads inside, they are called pellets.
the pellets are the coated DAO
in our capsules we have 81mg Pellets
and this 81mg Pellets deliver 9000-10000 HDU
they [ARG]state on their Label 41 mg DAO (Daosin)
with 5000 HDU
so they give the weight of the Daosin pellets, they buy from us
practically, their product delivers only half of one of our Daosin capsules
You are saying that in reality, a capsule contains 2.1mg as opposed to your 4.2mg, correct?[me]
Yes right. This is the weight of the Protein extract from the porcine kidney with 7% DAO
So you have in their capsule 41mg Daosin pellets with 2.1mg Protein extract with 7% DAO
And in yours…?[me]
81mg Dao Pellets and 126mg Vitamine C. 4.2mg Protein extract with 7% DAO
It is best to look
at the HDU
histamine degrading unit
the higher the HDU the more histamine is broken down
Hope that makes some sense and allays the confusion!

New freefrom juice and snack bar in my b

New freefrom juice and snack bar in my beloved Leamington. Go and see if you’re local.

Acid Reflux, Indigestion, Heartburn or GERD: Is It Really High Stomach Acid?


If you’re suffering from any supposed high acid problems, you are likely on a PPI or antacid medication of some kind, which can bring their own problems in that they can slow absorption and make you more vulnerable to nutrient deficiency, allergies and infections, so it can really pay dividends to consider the real underlying cause here.

Do have a read of my GERD/Acid Reflux factsheet where I have put loads of articles and resources for you to see what else it usually is. For example, it can be a zinc deficiency, a lack of certain B vitamins, stress, a lack of stomach acid so the production of acid doesn’t switch off, bacterial infection, food allergy and others. Lots to investigate there than just taking a pill.

I am asked about this a great deal so hope this factsheet helps for you. Do have a read.

Acid Reflux, Indigestion, GERD, Heartburn, High Stomach Acid, Acidity

Is Your Meat Really Grass Fed?

I am forever saying make sure you eat grass-fed meat rather than grain-fed, not least because of the need for the super-sensitives among us to avoid grain-fed meat, but also because it simply has a better nutritional profile by far, especially when it comes to fatty acids.

The problem has always been, though, how to find grass-fed meat and, even more confusingly, how to ensure it actually is grass-fed and not ‘finished’ or ‘over-Wintered’ on grain feed. Most people shopping for meat have no clue what a minefield this is, and might not actually care that much, thinking that if cows are fed on grass some of the time that has to be better anyway.

So, I was intrigued to read this article from Caroline of Primal Meats where she states:

An Australian study… showed that all the previously gained omega-3 and CLA of grass-fed beef was destroyed in just 80 days of grain feeding to the degree that it no longer qualified as being a meaningful dietary source…

In other words, finishing livestock with grain feed negates the benefits of the previous grass feeding. Oops.

Like many, before I looked into this, I just assumed all cows were grass-fed because we see them roaming around pastureland all the time. In fact, as Caroline says:

In the UK we have a wide diversity of livestock farms who have a wide range of rearing systems. To say that all UK meat is grass-fed is a bit like saying ‘all people in the UK live in pretty white cottages in the country!’.

That made me laugh. It’s so true. Anyway, to find out more about the grass-fed meat issue and why it is better for you, do read the full piece:

Is UK Meat Grass-Fed?

And to buy actual grass-fed meat, of course go to Primal Meats. I’ve also pinned them on the TGF Food Suppliers Pinterest board for you:

Yummy Free From Recipes

Just a quick reminder today not to forget the now massive number of recipes on my Pinterest boards, all collated there to make life easier and tastier for you.

Scotch eggs with white bean and courgette salad Highlights this week include Bean-Topped Fish Pie and Scotch Eggs on the Gluten & Dairy Free Board:

Masa Gran, a cold coffee with lemon and coconut sugar, sweet potato gnocci and crusty bread made with tigernut and cassava flour on the AIP board:

Seared cauliflower with turmeric, tahini and miso side dish and superfood flapjacks on the Wheat & Dairy Free board:


Paleo, Mediterranean or Nordic?

Interesting article today from Dr Michael Murray on the Nordic Diet that is taking the weight loss industry by storm currently.

The diet is based on wild foods, fruits, veg, plenty of fish, good oils and fats and some grains. People have been losing healthy amounts of weight on it. I’m not surprised as – minus the grains – that is my diet, and I am now a healthy size 8 with perfect body and visceral fat scores, yay!

I really like Dr Murray’s point, though, that it really doesn’t matter what you call the diet, or even the specific foods involved in it. Most good and effective diets have certain things in common, as he says:

The key point that I want to make is that if you look at the medical research on diet and health, there are some obvious principles that are common. Eat more whole, unprocessed natural foods with a focus on low glycemic plant foods and good oils including mono-unsaturated fats and fish oils; while avoiding overconsumption of meat and dairy. The research on the NDD mirrors that with two highly popularized diets – the Mediterranean Diet and the Okinawan Diet. However, I am 100 percent positive that healthful versions of the traditional Latino, African, Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern diets would also show positive effects on overall health as well as genetic markers of inflammation. Again, my point is that these diets are all very similar in food constituents, though they can differ quite significantly in the actual foods.

Here, here. I’ve always said it is the choices in the typical diets we make that make the difference; all types have healthier foods than others. For example, I’ve always thought having a curry is really good for you – depending on what oils you use and how you choose to cook it!

I like the idea I’m on a Scandi type diet – how cool!

Read the article here:

Move Over Paleo And Mediterranean Diet, Here Comes The New Nordic Diet